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Zebra Jasper Hearts

Zebra Jasper Hearts

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Zebra Jasper pushes us to get up and go, 'stead of bein' stagnant.

It helps us stop overanalyzing and just appreciate the journey of life. Plus, its super distinctive hues amplify its message. Just like the unbridled wild animal for which it's named, it ushers us to live life. It's like it's sayin': Quit overthinking! This stone is thought to even-out the body's energies AND give a boost to our emotions. It's also said to be instrumental in calming and focusing the emotions, while quelling our qualms.

Price is per heart. You will receive one heart when you order one heart. Please allow for variations in size shape and color as these are a natural product. Each heart is approximately 1 inch and weight is an average 0.7 oz.  Photos are of the actual hearts.  We will intuitively choose the best one(s) for you. 

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Clear Quartz is thought to greatly enhance all of Zebra Jasper’s physical, spiritual and emotional healing properties.

Red Jasper to bring change into your life and let go of anything that is holding you back

Ocean Jasper helps you to release negative emotions and feel more at peace within yourself

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