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Crystals 101

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Crystals are powerful, energy-filled minerals that interact with our own energy in a positive way. Crystal healing has been known to offer spiritual, mental and physical healing and aid. The healing powers of crystals can be activated by having them close to you- either by carrying them around, wearing them, or placing them around the home and workspace. Crystals work by interacting with your energy fields and absorbing and channeling your aura's energy. Since each crystal has its own unique vibe, they are used for a variety of things, for improving mental wellness and much more!


Cleanse your crystals with a variety of methods- from submerging them in natural waters like collected rainwater, a lake, or a stream to salt- or DIY saltwater baths. If you live near the beach, you can even immerse your stones in the ocean! Additionally, you can use sunlight and moonlight - just be careful not to expose light-sensitive stones, like citrine and amethyst, to the direct heat of the sun. And if you're feeling extra magical, sage smoke, chimes, bells, a tuning fork, and singing bowls can create a spiritual cleansing bath for your crystals. Finally, you can use another cleansing stone (like geodes, quartz, and selenite slabs) to help dispel negative vibes from your stones. How often should you cleans your crystals? The more you use a stone, the more energy it absorbs. Generally speaking, clear all your stones at least once a month, but do not wait for a designated time - simply go when it feels right.


Once you've cleansed your crystal, it's time to link it up with your energy. Make it happen like this:

♦ Start by breathing deeply and solidifying your roots.

♦ Then, either aloud or in your head, set an intention and ask your crystal for help.

♦ Spend a couple of minutes (or however long it takes) quieting your mind and concentrating on your intention.

♦ Conclude with a thank-you to your crystal.


1. "Clear Quartz - is a BFF for folks dealing with second thoughts and jitters. Thought of as the 'ultimate healer' ever, this crystal is said to supercharge your vibes and help you focus on what matters. Plus, it can be used to bring your meditation sesh to the next level, shift your perspective and develop a clearer understanding of yourself, and stay positive in the face of negativity. Talk about a little helper!"

2. Amethyst - The Amethyst crystal is a total lifesaver for getting a good night's sleep, sustaining peace of mind, and even kicking headaches to the curb! Plus, its legendary purple hue is said to bring spiritual tranquility, intuitiveness, and clarity of conscious perception. This stone is a powerful ally in fostering inner peace, aiding meditation, and unlocking spiritual growth.

3. Rose Quartz - Nicknamed the "stone of affection," rose quartz is linked to tenderness, love of self, and mental recovery. It's thought to pull in love and smooth out relationships - a gem to have on you if you require a bit of extra confidence in the arena of friendship and romance to appease the heart and safeguard your core.

4. Citrine - A happy-hued crystal, Citrine, is said to bring abundance, wealth, and optimism. It could be just the spark you need to fan the flames of motivation, encourage creativity, and bolster self-belief for any fresh beginnings you may be hoping to manifest.

5. Black Tourmaline - A crystal to guard against negativity and offer stability is often sought, and black tourmaline is said to fulfill this purpose. Said to fend off EMFs and energetic onslaughts, it's a great stone for keeping your feet on the ground. Plus, it could help strengthen your immunity and provide pain relief too!

6. Lapis Lazuli -  Unlock a well of intuition, wisdom, and spiritual insight with this stunning deep blue lapis lazuli. Said to boost communication skills, sharpen mental clarity, and internalize spiritual messages, this crystal is the perfect companion for those seeking career progression or an inner-journey.

7. Carnelian - A rich, vibrantly orange-red crystal connected to vivacity, drive, and imagination. Carnelian has a rep for activating ambition, boosting assurance, and sparking activity. Not only that, but it also reportedly increases metabolism, encourages circulation, and bolsters blood flow. Plus, it's said to grant us the guts and clear-headedness to choose our paths in life.

8. Labradorite - Iridescently colored Labradorite is thought to call in the spiritual realms, foster intuition, and guard against negativity. The stone is also believed to balance hormones, counter colds, and promote higher awareness, which makes it essential for spiritual exploration in the chillier seasons.

9. Hematite - A mysterious, moody black stone can lend you a bit of protection, fortitude, and stamina. Hematite helps to find balance in both your head and around your home. This could be just the ticket for when you're walking into a new space.

10. Selenite - A milky-white, translucent crystal lauded for its power of purification. Selenite is thought to wipe out bad vibes, sharpen mental acuity, and deepen spiritual connections. Plus, it can reduce stress and strengthen determination - a perfect pick-me-up before a date or diving into a new connection.

Meet Our Featured Northern Michigan Artist

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During the summer months Rick resides in Northern Michigan. He has been featured in a number of area galleries including the Jesse Besser Museum in Alpena and the Dennos Museum in Traverse City. He presents us with paintings that are bursting with color and bursting with content. It's like a party for your eyes! Rick is inspired by everything around him, and he brings it all into his artwork. From real-life objects to creations from his imagination, his paintings cover a wide range of subjects. Still life, animals, abstracts, landscapes, architecture - you name it, Rick can paint it! When you look at Rick's paintings, you're stepping into a whole new world of vibrant color and jaw-dropping style.

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NANCY C. WILLIAMS - 1947 to 2023

Nancy was a passionate artist and animal enthusiast, and her art was so lifelike that you could have sworn it was alive. Born in Ohio, she attended Hathaway Brown School for Girls in 1969 and took home the arts award for the year. Later, she earned a BFA from the University of Colorado, and further studied at the Louisville School of Art. To nurture her creativity, Nancy rode around the US in her beloved motor home, looking for inspiration to capture on film. In 1988, she earned Best in Show at the North Carolina Wildlife Art Exhibition for her portrait of a goose. Her time in Alaska was especially noteworthy, as the state's Zoo commissioned her to paint a blue bear.

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