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White Quartz Geode - Over 2lbs

White Quartz Geode - Over 2lbs

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A powerfully protective stone.

It detoxifies all realms: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical. Thanks to its energy-directing and amplifying abilities, it's great for goal-setting, meditation, and acting as a conduit. With its potent spiritual properties, it can amplify vitality, increase insight, and cheer emotional equilibrium. Additionally, it's acclaimed for healing vibrations and is popular for lessening stress, worry, and other disheartening vibes.

Photo is the actual geode.  This geode is is approx. 5 inches wide and weighs 2.09lbs.  it is approx. 5 1/4 inches high.  It has natural flat spots on the bottom and back so a display stand is not needed

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