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Smoky Quartz Hearts

Smoky Quartz Hearts

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Smoky quartz is like a shield against fear and pessimism

These special properties help you to cut ties with negativity, purify your soul, and make room for a new, higher-frequency in harmony of mind, body, and soul. Smoky quartz is said to wield potent metaphysical properties that cam be beneficial to tis wearer.  It might make dreams come true, strike an emotional balance, ward off bad vibes, and raise intuition.  Plus, it's been an aid for meditation and contemplation for centuries, having made tis mark in spiritual ceremonies all around the world!

Price is per heart. You will receive one heart when you order one heart. Please allow for variations in size shape and color as these are a natural product. Each heart is approximately 1 inch and weight is an average 0.7 oz.  Photos are of the actual hearts.  We will intuitively choose the best one(s) for you. 

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