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Selenite Sticks - Natural Unpolished

Selenite Sticks - Natural Unpolished

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Dubbed "liquid light" by crystal enthusiasts,

Selenite packs a one-two healing punch! It helps to clear, protect, and shield your aura and environment from negative vibes. It's a lucky charm, bringing you success in all your endeavors.  It's the perfect pick-me-up—hectic days, no problem! Plus, it's known to unleash personal growth and was even used in rain dancing rituals! 

*****Lay your crystals out near your selenite stick for a few hours and *poof*! They'll be clear and charged, ready to be used.

Photo is of actual sticks that are available.  The sticks are all  4 inches tall and weigh approx  2.7 oz.  When you order 1 selenite stick you will receive one selenite stick.  We will intuitively choose the best stick for you. 

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