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Peacock Copper

Peacock Copper

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Peacock Ore is like a joyful guide, encouraging us to stay lighthearted on our spiritual journey. It shields us from any malevolent vibrations and nudges us towards folks and activities that support our growth. A particularly powerful ally, Kwan Yin, goddess of compassion, is invoked when we work with it, deepening our relationship to the physical and spiritual worlds. Plus, Peacock Ore keeps us spiritually grounded, helping us find equilibrium in any situation.

Price is per stone. You will receive one stone when you order one stone. Please allow for variations in size shape and color as these are a natural product. Each stone is approximately 1 1/2  inch and weight is an average 1.4 oz.  Photos are of the actual stones.  We will intuitively choose the best one(s) for you. 

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