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Ocean Jasper 8mm Round Bracelet

Ocean Jasper 8mm Round Bracelet

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Connecting with the Ocean

Ocean Jasper crystal vibrations bring a tranquilizing force to your soul, body, and spirit. Harboring the energy of the seas and the oceans, the energy of Ocean Jasper caries a heart-expanding aura that motivates you to invite joy, benevolence, and delight into your life. Its lyrical energy gives you a sense of safety and authorization that nourishes your spirit. When you feel fatigued or despondent, the Ocean Jasper helps lift you up and fills you with life anew. This stone's reassuring essence puts you in mind to realize that same kind of energy within. Be your own rock—your own support structure—and you can unlock an infinite amount of love and bliss.

Photo is the actual bracelet.  When you buy 1 bracelet you will receive 1 bracelet. This bracelet weighs 0.6oz

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