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Hematite 18" Necklace with Heart Pendant

Hematite 18" Necklace with Heart Pendant

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Grounding Stone

Hematite is known to bring order to chaos-- it's believed to be a balancing force connecting you to the earth. Folklore suggests it evokes an elevated sense of control, especially when life has you feeling out of kilter. In times of uncertainty, its grounding energy helps you feel centered and secure.

They say the stone has a ton of health rewards, from boosting the blood flow to aiding in blood conditions and backing up the kidneys, and - if that weren't enough - it also supposedly gives your physique a serious boost in strength and stamina.

Photo is the actual necklace.  When you buy 1 necklace you will receive 1 necklace. This necklace weighs 1.4oz and is 18" in length

Want more?  Pair it with....

Rose Quartz  to protect yourself from negativity and attract positivity.

Black Tourmaline  mix Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and protective herbs, such as sage and lavender in a jar. Place your jar at the entrance of your home.

Bloodstone to promote harmony and peace. 

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