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Black Obsidian Hearts

Black Obsidian Hearts

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The regal warrior of gems, has long been hailed for its powerful protection. 

It's the bodyguard of the spiritual realm, creating a safety net against darker energies. Plus, this potent stone also gives you access to a trove of hidden knowledge and spiritual power. All this, and it even wards off bad vibes. Centuries of history have shown that it should always have your back!

Price is per heart. You will receive one heart when you order one heart. Please allow for variations in size shape and color as these are a natural product. Each heart is approximately 1 inch and weight is an average 0.7 oz.  Photos are of the actual hearts.  We will intuitively choose the best one(s) for you. 

Want more? Pair it with....

Amethyst it can cleanse your aura of negative energies and open you up to a higher form of consciousness

Rose Quartz have a calming presence that provides comfort in times of grief and can even facilitate the release of negative emotions such as anger and resentment. 

Smoky Quartz to draw negative energy away from the body and promote detoxification on all levels

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