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Beginners Smudge Kit

Beginners Smudge Kit

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Get ready to banish bad vibes with this kit

Included in the kit are sage, palo santo, an abalone shell and feather! Follow the detailed instructions and you'll be smudging your space in no time, creating a clean, positive environment that'll bring the prosperity you're craving. No need for a housewarming gift - this kit already does the trick! Buy it now to get started on your spiritual journey!  Banish gloomy vibes and release the inner peace! Clear your space of all that bad mojo with our Smudge Kit to get that clarity you crave, make room for self-reflection, and invite tranquility back in your life.

Fire Safety - when utilizing this kit, make sure to employ a fire-safe cauldron or device. Consider incorporating sand into the bottom, as a preventative measure. Any smudging devices, incense, candles, and/or charcoal disks must not be left unsupervised. An excessive amount of smoke may activate the smoke detector. When smudging outdoors, take precautions, especially during the dry season.  Falling sparks may cause burns to clothing, altar cloths, and floors. Northern Great Lakes Trading Co and its owner shall not be held responsible for any harm, damages, or losses caused by the utilization of these products. By purchasing these items, you accept this statement and exempt the owner from any liability.

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